Technology Construction Project Management and Consulting Services

Effective construction review and management is an essential part of bringing technology projects to completion on time and in accordance with specifications.

Planning, Design, and Management of Technology Construction Projects has never been more challenging, with continually evolving industry standards, a constant stream of "new and improved" products, and mounting expectations by end users for "state of the art facilities", the balancing act between initial investment cost and installed performance continues to grow more tenuous.

Technology Solutions Design Group, LLC provides complete project management services, utilizing the latest industry recognized methods and techniques, delivered with the highest ethical and professional standards. We take a rational and thoughtful approach with our clients to establish clear and precise objectives. Utilizing our practical industry experience, we meet those objectives, time after time.

Technology Solutions Design Group provides leadership, organization and control to bring your project to a successful completion.


Our range of Project Management and Construction Administration Services includes:

  • Implementation and Installation Project Management
  • Technology Construction Management
  • Contractor/Installer Pre-qualification
  • Complete Bid analysis, leveling and contract negotiation.
  • Project Implementation Scheduling
  • Schedule and Budget Planning and Development
  • Attendance and active participation at construction project meetings
  • Technology Budget protection
  • Systems Check out and Testing approval
  • Shop Drawings approval and coordination

Our range of Technology Consulting Services includes:

  • Existing Infrastructure Evaluations, Building surveys
  • Technology Requirements and Needs Analysis
  • Due Diligence reports & Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Incoming services Coordination
  • Technology Strategic and Master Planning
  • Technology Move & Implementation Management,
  • Relocation Planning Strategy, Project Management and Coordination.
  • Desktop PC De-install / Re-install Services and Project Management
  • Employee Move Cut-over support and project management