Security System Design

Protecting the physical assets of a new facility is an essential part of today’s living and working environment.

By carefully designing a fully funcitional security system to provide for maximum flexibility and reliability, we help our clients meet their needs for cost effective and innovative systems.

We develop the design and construction plans for the physical security of a facility. For entrance, egress and video surveillance we utilize the latest in state-of-the art security technologies to develop our designs that
secures your space.

We produce complete design & construction documents. These documents include detailed drawings with Security device and equipment part plans, detailed eleavations and sections, complete security system installation specifications and component list for a complete end-to-end system installation.

From initial design through implementation, our commitment to a high level of detailed design ensures a smooth project and a quality service to our clients.

We like to be known as the “Technology Architects” for your project.


Our range of Security System Design Services includes:

  • Access Control Systems - proximity/swipe
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
  • Video Imaging & Badging Systems
  • Entrance/Egress Plan Development
  • Digital Video Recording Systems (DVR)
  • Biometrics Access Control
  • Complete security system bid specification and    construction documentation
  • Complete Bid analysis, leveling and contract negotiation