Technology Cabling Infrastructure, Data Center and Technology Room Design

The Technology cabling infrastructure is the the lifeline to every  business’s ability to communicate to the world and to thrive as an entity.  Technology changes so rapidly that it is hard to keep track of what is current and what is obsolete.

Your infrastructure should be robust enough to handle any new and emerging technologies and be able to adapt and expand with the technology that you have connected to it.

With our expertise in cabling infrastructure design we'll ensure that your “lifeline” is designed to meet these demands and beyond.

Adhering to the TIA/EIA and BiCSI cabling standards, our  BiCSi certified RCDD design engineers design advanced cabling infrastructures producing complete design & construction documents. These documents include detailed drawings with outlet floor plans, technology room layouts, rack/cabinet elevations, complete cabling installation specifications and component list for a complete end-to-end cabling infrastructure installation.

From initial design through implementation, our commitment to a high level of detailed design ensures a smooth project and a quality service to our clients.

We like to be known as the “Technology Architects” for your project.


Our range of Cabling Infrastructure Design Services includes:

  • Technology structured cabling infrastructure design, engineering and  specification.
  • Data Center planning and layout design.
  • Technology Room layout design (IDFs, MDFs, Labs, Server Rooms, Data Center Rooms, etc.)
  • MEP & Architectural Coordination for all technology spaces.
  • Communications pathway design. and Fiber Riser & backbone distribution design.
  • Outside cabling plant design and engineering.
  • Complete cabling bid specification and construction documentation adhering to BiCSi and Cabling Standards.
  • RCDD Certification and Expertise.
  • Complete Bid analysis, leveling and contract negotiation.